Bed Bug Free Apartment?

Bed bugs are a major problem in apartment buildings in New York City and other municipalities. Often an apartment owner will hire a bed bug exterminator to only treat the units that the residents have complained about bed bugs. However, bed bugs can go dormant and live about a year without feeding and may still be lurking in the treated apartments as well as the other units in the building. The brazen bed bugs travel to other apartment units through voids in the walls and holes which contain wires and pipes.

People need to check the obvious places for bed bugs and their eggs such as bed linen, mattresses and box springs, but they also need to check unusual hiding places such as underneath loose wallpaper, in furniture, especially of the wicker variety, behind moldings, laundry and folds in curtains. 

Before you begin screaming about having bed bugs look at some actual photographs of bed bugs and eggs, because a lot of times people actually have a different type of insect infestation.

The bedrooms are the primary suspect areas since bed bugs are attracted to body heat and they enjoy snacking on humans at night while they sleep.

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