Recognizing Those Pesky Bed Bugs Part II Of II

In continuation to the post on Tuesday.

Some people say that there is a particular odor to bed bug infestations.  The smell is likened to sweet rotting raspberries or even an almond smell….sounds delightful.  Professionals agree that if you smell these smells, there is a big infestation of bed bugs and yet perhaps the untrained nose may not pick up the scent.  That would surely be my cue to run for the hills!

The pests love to hang out in hard to see parts of the mattress, like the seam areas.  They tend to wait for their next meal in headboards and bed frames.  They like antique furniture. They keep a watchful eye on you even from the picture frame that is hung above the bed.  Peeling wallpaper and paint are easy hiding places for the pests.  They are also known to hide in the crevices of base boards.  The good news is that you might be able to see them if you check your surroundings.  They are visible to the naked eye.

Bed bugs mostly like human companionship, but will at times feast on our furry friends if necessary.  Hey, they are hungry, who can blame them?  Here’s a scary statistic….female bed bugs can lay up to 500 eggs over their live span.  I don’t even want to do the math on that one. They are great world travelers and don’t mind returning to your lovely home to raise a great big blood sucking family.

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