Bed Bugs – Huge NYC Real Estate Issue

I have recently blogged about the perils of purchasing co-ops, condos and homes in New York due to the dreaded bed bugs. Stern Environmental’s Managing Partner Douglas Stern has written an extensive article on the subject of bed bugs and real estate that provides vital information for buyers and sellers.

I usually politely refer to them as bed bugs or perhaps critters but in his article he has boldly referred to them as “an ancient human scourge.” That’s strongly suggests a bed bug is beyond being a nuisance or a trouble maker. Perhaps if they ruin my real estate value I will use an even  stronger term.

The article quotes a spokesperson for the National Pest Management Association as saying “There are some who call it the pest of the 21st century.” Perhaps she really wanted to say villain.

The article is filled with information which can help buyers avoid purchasing a home infested with bed bugs, also known Climex lectaularius.

Most real estate owners won’t advertise their property as ” a great residence occupied by an ancient human scourge” so you better do your homework.

The article also provides just about all the information you need to know about bed bugs.