New Jersey NJ Bed Bugs, Who Should Pay

Bed bugs are becoming a significant problem in New Jersey. New Jersey law states that landlords are responsible for needed extermination, however it does not clearly state if the landlord can pass the cost to the occupant. A lot of people living in apartments don’t mention bed bug problems due to concern they will end up paying for it.

New Jersey lawmakers are writing legislation to make sure the landlords of multi-unit buildings in New Jersey have to pay for all needed bed bug extermination. The lawmakers want to fix the NJ bed bugs apartment problem and fix what they call the basic injustice of NJ apartment owners not paying for the bed bug pest control services.

I feel sorry for the tenants but the apartment owners could easily argue that some of the tenants brought the critters into the building and so why should the building owners be forced to pay. So far, I don’t think any apartment owner has been brazen enough to sue a renter for bringing bed bugs into the building and for causing his property value to diminish and for all the money he spent on bed bug pest control. It would make an interesting court case.