Bed Bugs Invading Brooklyn?

According to the authorities of New York City, bed bug complaints from Brooklyn have soared more than 1,900 percent since 2004 and it’s getting worse. Just in the first half of the year 311 got 3,248 bed bug complaints from Brooklyn residents. What makes this even more scary is that most people don’t bother to make the call to 311 and the bed bug complaints received by the government might just represent a small percentage of the amount of bed bug infestations in Brooklyn.

Based on the 311 bed bug calls the Bushwick community is the bed bug capital of Brooklyn, however the residents are not celebrating or praising themselves for the tribute.

 People seem to recognize the quarter inch, reddish brown adults but don’t realize the babies are only 32nd of an inch in length and are off-white in color.

One Brooklyn resident thought he had eliminated the critters, yet he received a phone call from a former house guest who resides in Texas who claimed he had a Brooklyn bed bug crawling out of his laptop when he got home.

Bed bugs in NYC, and New Jersey can be destroyed with Cryonite. Most of them won’t be moving to Texas.