Another Reason To Avoid Going To Jail In New York

It is a bad day for criminals when they are caught doing their dirty deeds and hauled off to jail.  It’s a really bad day when you are caught, put in that jail cell and experience the horror of bed bug bites.

This is exactly what happened recently in New Rochelle, New York.  Inmates had been complaining about bug bites for a few weeks.  Bed bugs were discovered traveling the floors of the cells despite the fact that there were no mattresses for them to seek cover in.  Man, those buggers are tough creatures if they go to jail just for the heck of it!  The subsequent extermination caused the cellblock to be quarantined off.  Hope those inmates got checked too before they left.

I think bed bugs are smart.   Once they were discovered in the jail, they planned their escape and some made it into awaiting patrol cars where police officers provided a delicious meal.  These too faced the exterminator.

With so many bed bugs living in New York, it is not a far stretch that they would reach the jails.   Can bed bugs be considered cruel and unusual punishment of inmates?  Maybe New York should have a public service announcement to deter would be criminals saying “A Bite Each Time You Do the Crime!”