Free NYC Bed Bug Furniture!

Have you been shopping in New York City for attractive bed bug infested furniture? If you have, a woman placed an ad in the New York Craigslist for free furniture with the warning “the home these items came from has bed bugs.” She does go on to comfort the reader by stating that some of the furniture was situated in rooms where she did not see any bed bugs. If the furniture pieces were rare antiques from George Washington’s home or even from the Renaissance period I might take a chance but she was offering straight backed chairs, office chairs, a futon and a variety of tables.

I’m glad she was honest but who would be so daring as to place her furniture in their home. Bed bug infested furniture is typically frowned upon and sometimes frightens people.  

Bed bugs are very tiny, especially the young critters and they are experts at hiding. Can she really be confident that just because she did not see bed bugs in a certain room the furniture was not infested. I think not.

It’s probably not  a good idea to buy used furniture in a city known for bed bugs.

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