Hey, Even Bed Bugs Need A Ride In NYC!

New Yorkers are well versed at riding the subways around the city and its surrounding areas.  Subways are cost effective and known for speed.  The subway is truly the best ride around town…most of the time.

When riding the subway, you used to have to worry about muggers.  Now you have to worry about buggers….bed buggers that is!

Bed bugs have been found to reside in the NYC subway system.  They love the old wooden benches that people relax on while waiting for their ride.  One reporter found hundreds of bed bugs under one bench seat…yuck.  Bed bugs wait patiently and then hop onto the unsuspecting backsides of people anticipating their arrival into their new homes.

Some people may not consider it a problem because bed bugs don’t spread disease (just irritation and torment!), which is helping spread those pesky creatures with lightning fast speed.
Being that bed bugs are running wild around the city, New Yorkers should demand that the subways be professionally treated immediately.  Most people do not know they have bed bugs until it is too late.

If you find that you have encountered any unwelcome hitch-hikers on a NYC subway, you should consider contacting a professional bed bug exterminator.  Click here for more information on how to rid your life of these blood suckers.