Should NYC Residents Sue for Bed Bug Apartments?

A former tenant of a rooming house in Nashua N.H. has filed a lawsuit claiming she is suffering serious, painful permanent injuries caused by bed bug bites as well as a loss of enjoyment of life.

If loss of enjoyment of life due to bed bug bites can bring in some cash from lawsuits what about all the tenants in New York City and other places who have complained about cockroaches and loud annoying neighbors and unwanted aromas and the building owners failed to make the situations better.

The plaintiff in the Nashua case could have possibly brought the bed bugs to her unit from let’s say a friend’s apartment. Is it absolutely clear that she morally has the right to sue the building owner for pain and suffering?

Yes, multi-occupant building owners are typically required to fix pest problems but I wonder if it’s fair to place all the blame on the landlord when he is probably not entering apartments and sprinkling the units with a bag of bed bugs.

Perhaps landlords in New York City will have to have a bed bug tax placed on each unit to cover the cost of future lawsuits or perhaps buy bed bug insurance. It’s a difficult situation for tenants and building owners. 

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