Watch Out NYC Bed Bugs…You Can’t Hide From These Snouts!

Dogs of all varieties are certainly known for their extreme sense of smell.  Those powerful noses help hunters, track down bad guys, detect bombs and drugs, and now are even on the hunt to help end the onslaught of the New York bed bug nightmare.

You might be asking how they can help us human’s?  Dogs are being successfully trained and used to detect bed bugs in New York hotels.  Just like they track down criminals, they track down bed bugs.  They have an amazing success rate of 90%.  Dogs are even able to detect when bed bugs are not visible, such as when they are hiding inside of walls or floor boards.

The New York City Department of Housing, Preservation and Development, has a team of six dogs that help sniff out bed bugs in various apartments and hotels around the city.  They are called the “Advanced K-9 Detectives.”

The dogs certainly seem to be doing a great job at detecting these horrible creatures, but once discovered it is time for the professional exterminator to enter the scene to finish the job off.  For reliable bed bug treatment company, with proven results, click here.