NYC, NJ Bed Bugs Apartments

More than a few apartment buildings located in New York City and New Jersey have bed bugs infestations. What can be done to prevent bed bugs infestations? It’s expensive, but public housing officials in Toronto are paying to have all the cracks sealed in the apartments they are responsible for (bed bugs thrive in cracks).

Perhaps all apartment dwellers in a particular building should agree not to purchase used furniture, especially the items advertised in Craig’s List that state the furniture comes from bed bug infested apartments (it happens). 

Apartment dwellers could agree to have several residents be trained in the inspection process for bed bugs in order to help other residents. 

An apartment  meeting could provide a  New Jersey or NYC bed bugs professional to offer tips for the residents on how to avoid bed bugs and learn what they actually look like and their habits.

Neighborhood crime watch groups are all over the country and maybe in some cities like New York City  it’s time to have apartment bed bug watch groups.

If the decision has been made to treat the building by NYC or NJ bed bugs pest control professionals apartment residents should insist that management hire a pest control company with a good record of destroying the critters.

A pro-active residents group can be useful against bed bugs.