Rid Your Life Of Mice In NYC Part I Of II

Oh those dreaded mice.  How can something weighing about ½ ounce be so destructive and cause so much fear?  Mice are one of the most troublesome rodents in the United States.  They thrive in homes, commercial buildings as well as fields and farm lands. 

Mice can cause economic damages.  They can damage your property and structures.  They consume and contaminate food sources meant for humans, pets and livestock.  They are pesky creatures that are known to carry pathogens that cause many diseases.  They can go anywhere and live anywhere they please.

You should keep an eye out for their nests, which are usually made of shredded paper or like material.  They like to travel in the walls and along the walls.  They love living in cupboards where they can hide until their nighttime feeding ensues.  They mostly like nuts and grain food sources, but as scavengers, they will snack on mostly anything.

The life span of a mouse is pretty short.  They only live 9 to 12 months, but a female can have up to 10 litters a year.  Each litter has on average 6 babies.  Each baby reaches maturity at 10 weeks. You do the math.  Without quick elimination, one mouse can turn into hundreds in a short period of time.

Please check back on Thursday for the conclusion to this post.