NJ, NYC Bed Bugs and Airplanes

Most New Yorkers and New Jersey residents are aware that tourists from all over the world unknowingly bring bed bugs to America. However the airplanes are actually part of the problem. Bed bugs are hiding in the creases of the seats and seat-belt fasteners and other locations in airplanes. They also are thriving in luggage areas where they have the opportunity to move from one suitcase to another one.  

 The next time you get on a plane instead of asking what movie they are showing or if they are serving properly chilled Margaritas you might want to ask if they have properly vacuumed the seats, including the creases and the back sides. Ask a stewardess if the airline employees, including the cleaning crew have been trained in spotting bed bugs.  Tell them your not picky just prudent. 

Delays at airports prompt some passengers  to open up their bags which provides bed bugs the opportunity to climb out and search for a human meal. Opening a suitcase at an airport including in New York could become a major form of misbehavior. Hopefully the procedure won’t lead to passengers being kicked out of New York.

If you live in an airplane or a home call a NYC bed bugs pest control professional to get rid of the critters.