Rid Your Life Of Mice In NYC Part II Of II

In continuation to the post on Tuesday.

Most people try to get rid of mice by putting traps (sticky boards or snap traps) or using bait systems.  These can be useful tools, but not always the best alternative when you have a large infestation problem.

The great news is that a new system is available from a professional rodent exterminator for residents of New York City and New Jersey.  The Track and Trap solution will help rid your home of mice super fast.

Here’s how the system works…..a special mouse tracking box is loaded with special treats that mice love to eat.  While inside the box, the unsuspecting mouse is lingering in a powdered fluorescent chemical that sticks to their feet and bodies.  Once the mouse leaves the box for a return to the nest, he leaves tracks as he goes.  A day or so later the mouse tracks are observed using a special UV light.   The mouse tracks lead straight to the mouse nest so that traps can be set to rid your life of these pests.
Additionally, mouse entry points are found and sealed so that mice cannot return to your home.  The bonus to using this system is that it is environmentally friendly.  Click here for more information on the Track and Trap system.