NJ, NYC Bed Bugs Complaints are Web Registered

NYC and NJ apartments with bed bugs have been complained about on a website devoted to bed bug complaints. It’s a free site and is devoted to issuing warnings about bed bug infestations in apartments and hotels located in the United States and Canada.

The site claims to give people a reliable platform for mentioning their unwanted visits with bed bugs and give other people the opportunity to avoid these bed bug infested buildings.

What happens if someone has a terrible time at hotel; perhaps their towels were not fluffy enough or a bell hop smirked at a guest for wearing an ascot featuring the color chartreuse. The disgruntled hotel guest then seeks revenge by writing an anonymous phony story about being attacked by hundreds of bed bugs. The hotel could loose significant business.

Perhaps an apartment renter that was miffed after being told by management that repeatedly falling off his balance beam at three in the morning while attempting a double flip with a half twist was annoying the downstairs neighbor and decides to get revenge by anonymously making some phony bed bug posts about the apartment. 

Conclusion: The web site could do some good and could do some harm.

NJ and NYC bed bugs professionals can destroy the critters.