New Jersey Is Taking Control Of Those Horrible Bed Bugs!

Landlords, consider yourself put on notice in the great State of New Jersey.  There might have been some confusion before as to how bed bug extermination was going to be paid (ie….can the landlord pass the cost onto the tenants), but it now seems like the previous wrinkles in the system will soon be ironed out.

Bed bugs have plagued the New Jersey area and law makers are doing their best to put a stop to those filthy beasts once and for all!

If and when the new legislation passes the Senate and General Assembly in New Jersey, landlords will solely be responsible for keeping multi-unit residences free of bed bugs.  Under the new legislation, the landlord will be notified to immediately eradicate any bed bugs at his/her own expense.  If they fail to do so, the local Board of Health will act as its agent and will arrange to have the bed bugs eliminated.  The local Board of Health will then bill the landlord for all costs incurred.  If the landlord still does not pay his bill, a lien will be placed against the property.  Residents of multi-unit dwellings will not be forced to pay for bed bug removal.

This new legislation is certainly good news for residents of New Jersey.  It is nice to see a State taking such a horrible health problem so seriously while so many other cities and states allow the buck to be passed on to the consumer.

To view the current and proposed new legislation on bed bugs in New Jersey, click here.

NYC Bed Bugs Cases Invading the Courts

NYC Bed bugs cases are filling the dockets of NYC courts. Extermination of bed bugs, property damage and the issue of paying rent for bed bug infested apartments will be fought out in the NYC courts.  

In NYC, landlords have a responsibility for eliminating bed bugs from their multi-unit residential buildings.

Some tenants who have signed long term leases for their apartments want help from the courts after their apartments have been invaded by bed bugs. In 2004 a judge ruled in favor of a tenant who did not pay rent for six months due to a bed bug infestation. Some have thrown out furniture and other items due to bed bugs invading their unit and want compensation.

Ronald Languedoc, an attorney, stated that landlords have been trying to sue tenants for bringing the annoying bed bugs into the building. He stated that it would be difficult for landlords to win the court cases due to the burden of proof required to win. It’s very difficult to prove how the irritating bed bugs arrived in the apartment units. Perhaps bed bug court cases will become the must see events on court television shows. 

Let a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional get rid of the insects for you.

Not all NJ, NYC Bed Bugs Should be Destroyed

No I am not kidding! It’s best to keep some of the NJ, NYC bed bugs that have stolen your blood and then had the audacity to take a snooze in your wall. You will want to show them to your apartment manager to verify that you actually have bed bugs. Sometimes there are not a lot of them lurking in an apartment or home.

NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professionals will want to look at the insects to make sure they are actually bed bugs. Sometimes they are actually another variety of insect. Occasionally people believe they have bed bugs aka Cimex lectularius (impress your friends with that name) but actually they have Cimex pilosellus also known as bat bugs. Your local entomologist who works at a University or at a science museum may also be able to establish the insects identity.

Experts recommend attaching the bed bugs to clear packaging tape and then attach the tape to an index card.

Doctors can also try to determine if the rashes on your body were caused by bed bugs but sometimes doctor have been wrong in their diagnosis. Make sure you actually have bed bugs before you start screaming.  

Freeze Those “Suckers” In New York City! Part II Of II

In continuation to the post from last Tuesday.

Cryonite is made up of carbon dioxide (CO2) snow.  The snow is pressurized and sprayed in thin layers in all of the places that bed bugs love to hang out in.  It instantly freezes bed bugs in their tracks and their hiding places.  Bed bugs are deep frozen to -20 to -30 degrees.  They need to remain frozen for a short period of time to insure that they remain dead.  All stages of bed bugs are frozen thereby allowing for immediate eradication.

The great news is that Cryonite will never lose its effectiveness.  Even these formidable creatures cannot stop the freezing process and are doomed to a swift death.  Cryonite is a complete “green” product.  The CO2 used is non toxic and will never leave any wet messes, risks or health problems for you.

This poison free process has proven to be effective in hotels, motels, cruise ships, hospitals and nursing homes as well as residential homes.

So what are you waiting for?  if you have bed bugs, give it a try!  For more information and treatment of bed bugs with Cryonite experts, click here.

NJ, NYC Bed Bugs and Rumors

For residents of NJ and NYC that think they found bed bugs at a hotel they might want to be careful about posting at a website that a specific hotel is infested with bed bugs. Recently a person gave the name of a hotel at a web site that the poster claims is infested with bed bugs. The hotel was looking to gain some business from an upcoming festival.

People often mistake rashes and other insect bites for bed bug bites. Perhaps a NJ or NYC resident hears the story of  a bed bug infested hotel  from a third cousin twice removed and decides the comment must be true and decides to be a hero by spreading the news on the Internet.

People posting about NJ, NYC hotels which they claim have bed bugs might want to make sure the hotel officially has bed bugs before they spread the news. It’s simply not fair to damage a business by spreading an unfounded rumor.

If a government inspector has declared the hotel has bed bugs or the hotel admits there is a bed bug infestation then mentioning it at a web site might be appropriate. NJ and NYC residents should use good judgment before spreading bed bug stories.

NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professionals can eliminate the insects.