NJ, NYC Bed Bugs Home Inspections

NJ and NYC bed bugs inspections are becoming more necessary due to the bed bug infestation problem in New York City and New Jersey. Residents can perform routine bed bugs inspections but they need to know what bed bugs look like.

It’s important to use the proper type of flashlight. Don’t rent a spotlight and don’t use a flashlight that is too bright because you won’t be able to properly see the small things. Experts suggest using a LED flashlight which uses a single high output lamp. Keep the light low to the surface your inspecting. Shining the light straight down will typically cause you to miss some infant bed bugs and bed bug eggs. If the light shines across the bed bugs you have a better opportunity to see them. Look out for blood spots and fecal matter. Yes it’s a disgusting task but you can do it!

Inspect all mattresses, box springs, couches, all upholstered furniture, suitcases, guitar cases, curtains, crevices, carpets, knotholes, screws in surfaces including screw slots and a ton of other things. Bed Bugs also hide in unique places such as cell phones and  computers. Don’t assign the bed bug inspection to your grumpy three year old.   

You can also call a professional NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional to make a proper bed bugs inspection.