Trains, Planes And Automobiles…And Bed Bugs Too

With the travel habits of American’s and tourists alike, pesky little bed bugs have become great world travelers.  They can be found in every form of public transportation in most areas of the world..  Whether you are taking a ride on the subway in New York, flying on an airplane from England, riding on a train in India or even riding in a taxi cab around town, you too can be subjected to the bed bug nightmare.

Trains, planes and automobiles (basically any form of public transportation known for high turnover) provide wonderful hiding spots for bed bugs.  It is easy for them to hide in the crevices of the seats and seat belts waiting for the next person to hitch a ride home with.

Public transportation is not inspected regularly for bed bugs.  Airplanes especially should be taking special care when they vacuum out the plane prior to accepting the next load of passengers, but they don’t.  Because of airline delays, even the airport terminals have been known to have bed bugs.  Some people believe that bed bugs cannot survive the altitudes of flight, but that is a mistake.  Because the cargo hold and cabin areas are pressurized, bed bugs survive traveling quite well.

If you look in between the seat cushions on trains and taxi’s, you might just find more than dirt and debris.  Bed bug infestations will continue to rise until everyone joins the fight to eradicate them.  Remember, bed bugs don’t just exist in beds!

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