NJ, NYC Bed Bugs Provide Entertainment

A musical production titled Bedbugs!!! will be debuting in September at the New York Musical Theater Festival. It’s a sci-fi musical comedy directed by Samuel Buggeln (no I did not make up his last name).  The story focuses on an exterminator who accidentally converts NYC bed bugs into bloodthirsty murderers. Oh my.

What struck me to be odd was the collaborator of the musical claims his friend was told by five people who actually have bed bugs they are very excited to see the show. I have mosquitoes but I would rather watch a man wrestle an overweight  squirrel than watch  a musical about mosquitoes.

You have to actually leave the house to go the event. Actually, I’m teasing the writers of the show. It’s probably going to be a smash it! Well let’s hope they make a few bucks.

I had written in the past about a musical based on bed bugs and I did not anticipate about having to write about another one. This one features a cameo performance by Brad Pitt – not really.

Well if they throw in some maggots then they’ll have a show.

If you actually have bed bugs get help from a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control specialist.