NJ, NYC Bed Bugs are They Here Forever?

Will NJ, NYC bed bugs ever get bored and leave? Probably not. Rumor has it that bed bugs came over with the Colonists during the 17th century. Bed bugs were mostly gone in NJ and NYC and the rest of the country after World War II but now the National Pest Management Association claims that bed bugs have increased by about 70% in the last five years. It might even be higher.

 Greg Baumann, a bed bug expert claims that “Once they are in an area they are pretty much there to stay.”  They are such excellent travelers from apartments to apartment and hotel room to hotel room and they are great at hitchhiking and finding new homes. It’s hard to be optimistic that the country (especially with all the international travelers) will ever get rid of all the bed bugs.  Also, they multiply very easily.

The country still has cockroaches and they are easier to eliminate from residences. We shouldn’t give up and we can eliminate bed bugs from specific residences with professional treatments, but realistically NJ, NYC bed bugs might be lurking around for quite some time.

If the pests are lurking in your residence get help from a NJ, NYC bed bugs professional.