NightWatch Is Coming To Stern Environmental Group

This exciting new product that will help monitor, trap and kill bed bugs will be arriving very soon to Stern Environmental Group.   It is sure to help people detect and then eliminate bed bugs from their life forever.  This innovative product is due out on the market in November of 2008.   News of NightWatch’s development and pending release, have already put it in tremendous demand.

If you are experiencing the pitfalls of a bed bug nightmare, now is the time to act.  There is an advance waiting and notification list that is now being taken.  Sign up to receive information and advance notice on sales and rentals of this amazing product.  You will need to provide your name, email address and telephone number to receive upcoming information on NightWatch.  Signing up for information does not obligate you to purchase or rent the unit.  Prices are not available just yet, but will be coming soon.

Stern Environmental Group is one of the leading companies in bed bug eradication in the United States.  Their skilled technicians (and NightWatch) will help end the nightmare you are experiencing.  Please click here to add your name to their list for NightWatch and to obtain more information on the services that they provide.