NJ Bed Bugs – Who Pays for Extermination?

Bed bugs in New Jersey are the responsibility of the landlords, however the law allows the building owners to pass the cost of NJ bed bugs extermination on to the renters. The city council of Jersey City is considering an ordinance that makes the building owners pay all of the NJ bed bugs pest control costs.

Perhaps Nicholas Kikisof the New Jersey Apartment Association has a point when he states ” Most bed bugs come in with the furniture.” He adds “Where it is known a tenant brings in an infestation it is that tenant’s responsibility to pay for that extermination.”

It can quickly get worse when the bed bugs invade other apartment units and dramatically increase the costs of  bed bugs eradication. It seems there is not too much sympathy for apartment building owners in NJ and NYC that have to pay for bed bug exterminations that sometimes are caused by irresponsible renters in NYC and NJ. Not all of the property owners are living the high life and have tons of extra cash to spend.

I am wondering how countries in Europe and other locations deal with the topic of who pays for bed bug exterminations.

NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professionals can eliminate the critters.