NJ, NYC Bed Bugs and Using Banned Substances

NJ, NYC bed bugs are a big issue and bed bugs are a major problem in other parts of the country, especially urban areas. People are trying all types of remedies.

Jody Gangloff-Kauffman of Cornell University claims that ” An alarming number of individuals are buying professional use or banned pesticides on the Internet and using them at home with no prior experience or training.” She goes on to mention that bed bugs and the bed bug pesticides can cause asthma problems.

Some pesticides are only supposed to be sold to professionals for logical reasons. One is safety. I wonder how much danger people are putting themselves and their families in by using pesticide chemicals without the proper training. Sure, buy an antique doily over the Internet but don’t create a potential disaster in your NJ or NYC residence or apartment building by purchasing banned substances or “professional use only” bed bug products.

Besides some immoral moron in a shack could be mixing low priced toxic chemicals that have nothing to do with bed bugs and selling them as a wonder potion to NJ, NYC residents for bed bugs and the chemicals could be very toxic.

Let a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional eliminate the critters.