Freeze Those “Suckers” In New York City! Part I Of II

Bed bug infestations have become a nightmare in New York City and many other areas of this fine country.  Some people may go their entire life and never encounter a bed bug.  Others live in anguish as the nighttime hours approach and feeding frenzy begins.  Can you imagine going to sleep knowing that bugs will be crawling on you and sucking your blood?  YUCK!

There are chemicals available to purchase that usually don’t help the problem.  Just like certain germs that become resistant to antibiotics, bed bugs are becoming resistant to pesticides.   Most people will search the internet to try to find answers to their infestation problem.  Ridding your life of bed bugs will be a difficult task and one that should only be handled by skilled bed bug eradication specialists.

One of the most innovative products that is used in Europe has now reached the United States shores.  Welcome Cryonite!  It has proven to be the most effective treatment of bed bugs ever.  It is non-toxic and promises to kill both the bed bugs and their little yet to be hatched babies.

Please check back next Thursday for the conclusion to this post.