NJ, NYC Bed Bugs and Rumors

For residents of NJ and NYC that think they found bed bugs at a hotel they might want to be careful about posting at a website that a specific hotel is infested with bed bugs. Recently a person gave the name of a hotel at a web site that the poster claims is infested with bed bugs. The hotel was looking to gain some business from an upcoming festival.

People often mistake rashes and other insect bites for bed bug bites. Perhaps a NJ or NYC resident hears the story of  a bed bug infested hotel  from a third cousin twice removed and decides the comment must be true and decides to be a hero by spreading the news on the Internet.

People posting about NJ, NYC hotels which they claim have bed bugs might want to make sure the hotel officially has bed bugs before they spread the news. It’s simply not fair to damage a business by spreading an unfounded rumor.

If a government inspector has declared the hotel has bed bugs or the hotel admits there is a bed bug infestation then mentioning it at a web site might be appropriate. NJ and NYC residents should use good judgment before spreading bed bug stories.

NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professionals can eliminate the insects.