Freeze Those “Suckers” In New York City! Part II Of II

In continuation to the post from last Tuesday.

Cryonite is made up of carbon dioxide (CO2) snow.  The snow is pressurized and sprayed in thin layers in all of the places that bed bugs love to hang out in.  It instantly freezes bed bugs in their tracks and their hiding places.  Bed bugs are deep frozen to -20 to -30 degrees.  They need to remain frozen for a short period of time to insure that they remain dead.  All stages of bed bugs are frozen thereby allowing for immediate eradication.

The great news is that Cryonite will never lose its effectiveness.  Even these formidable creatures cannot stop the freezing process and are doomed to a swift death.  Cryonite is a complete “green” product.  The CO2 used is non toxic and will never leave any wet messes, risks or health problems for you.

This poison free process has proven to be effective in hotels, motels, cruise ships, hospitals and nursing homes as well as residential homes.

So what are you waiting for?  if you have bed bugs, give it a try!  For more information and treatment of bed bugs with Cryonite experts, click here.