NYC Bed Bugs Cases Invading the Courts

NYC Bed bugs cases are filling the dockets of NYC courts. Extermination of bed bugs, property damage and the issue of paying rent for bed bug infested apartments will be fought out in the NYC courts.  

In NYC, landlords have a responsibility for eliminating bed bugs from their multi-unit residential buildings.

Some tenants who have signed long term leases for their apartments want help from the courts after their apartments have been invaded by bed bugs. In 2004 a judge ruled in favor of a tenant who did not pay rent for six months due to a bed bug infestation. Some have thrown out furniture and other items due to bed bugs invading their unit and want compensation.

Ronald Languedoc, an attorney, stated that landlords have been trying to sue tenants for bringing the annoying bed bugs into the building. He stated that it would be difficult for landlords to win the court cases due to the burden of proof required to win. It’s very difficult to prove how the irritating bed bugs arrived in the apartment units. Perhaps bed bug court cases will become the must see events on court television shows. 

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