New Jersey Is Taking Control Of Those Horrible Bed Bugs!

Landlords, consider yourself put on notice in the great State of New Jersey.  There might have been some confusion before as to how bed bug extermination was going to be paid (ie….can the landlord pass the cost onto the tenants), but it now seems like the previous wrinkles in the system will soon be ironed out.

Bed bugs have plagued the New Jersey area and law makers are doing their best to put a stop to those filthy beasts once and for all!

If and when the new legislation passes the Senate and General Assembly in New Jersey, landlords will solely be responsible for keeping multi-unit residences free of bed bugs.  Under the new legislation, the landlord will be notified to immediately eradicate any bed bugs at his/her own expense.  If they fail to do so, the local Board of Health will act as its agent and will arrange to have the bed bugs eliminated.  The local Board of Health will then bill the landlord for all costs incurred.  If the landlord still does not pay his bill, a lien will be placed against the property.  Residents of multi-unit dwellings will not be forced to pay for bed bug removal.

This new legislation is certainly good news for residents of New Jersey.  It is nice to see a State taking such a horrible health problem so seriously while so many other cities and states allow the buck to be passed on to the consumer.

To view the current and proposed new legislation on bed bugs in New Jersey, click here.