NJ Landlords and the Tough Bed Bugs Ordinance

The city council of New Jersey City approved an ordinance that makes landlords of buildings with two or more units financially responsible for the first and follow-up bed bugs treatments for each NJ city unit per year. The legislation was inspired by media comments about renters having to pay for the NJ bed bugs extermination procedures.

The positive of the legislation is that renters will now complain about bed bug infested apartments since they will not have to pay for the NJ bed bugs pest control services and this will help to ensure the bed bugs infestations are quickly reported. Prompt extermination is a major factor for preventing the bed bugs from spreading to other units in the NJ City apartments.

The negative factor is that the building owners will have to pay for bed bugs extermination services brought about by irresponsible tenants bringing in bed bugs with used furniture and other ways. Even if the tenants are being responsible the unfortunate building owners have to pay the whole fee which may not be fair.

Will the landlords cut back on maintenance of the NJ City apartment buildings, stop fixing things for renters and leave old appliances in the units. Perhaps they will create a general maintenance fee or some other fee to make up for the bed bugs extermination cost. 

The Joint Is Jumping…With Bed Bugs Part II Of II

Continuing from the post on Tuesday…

You should pull back the linens and check the mattress for any signs of bed bugs.  You could find live bugs or smashed bugs either light brown to reddish brown in color.  Run your fingers along the seams of the bed on both the top and bottom sides.  Don’t forget to check around the mattress tag as this too is a good hiding place for bed bugs.  Keep an eye out for excrement.  It will look about the size of a poppy seed and be black.  You should also look for the skins of the bed bugs that have been shed as they mature.

Examine the headboard and all crevices associated with the bed.  Check the nightstand and dresser drawers as well.  Bed bugs love to hide in wood.  Don’t forget to check behind any picture frames that are in the room.  They provide an excellent hiding place.

If you encounter or suspect there is a bed bug infestation, notify the management immediately.  They will surely offer a new room to you.  Some hotels experience infestations in one room while others may have them throughout the entire hotel, so it would be wise to re-inspect the new room before you decide to stay there as well. 

If you do decide to stay in a hotel that has bed bugs, be sure to inspect your luggage carefully before you put your belongings back inside.  Be sure to inspect each item before placing them in your suitcase.  Once you arrive home, wash all your clothing in hot water and dry for at least 20 minutes.  Dry cleaning also kills bed bugs.

Taking precautions will help insure that you do not take these pests home with you.  My personal opinion…when in doubt…just get out!  If you need an exterminator to get rid of pesky bed bugs in New York or New Jersey, click here.

NJ, NYC Raccoons – Beware of Diseases

NJ and NYC raccoons can cause infectious, parasitic as well as nutritional diseases in humans and pets. It ‘s not a  good idea for NJ and NYC residents to leave food out to feed the raccoons because it results in a large amount of raccoons living in urban areas. You may not be aware of how many raccoons are enjoying your treats and cat food and it might be more than the two you have spotted.

Urban raccoons can carry the dreaded Baylisascaris procyonis, which is a roundworm parasite. The parasites don’t harm the raccoons but they shed the parasite eggs in their fecal matter and other animals and humans can become infected with the terrible parasites.

Raccoons can actually shed millions of the parasite eggs each day and they tend to pile them up in the same area because they have their particular raccoon latrine which can be in your NJ, NYC backyard. The parasite eggs can contaminate the soil in your yard or water and can survive for months or perhaps years. NJ and NYC residents and pets acquiring Baylisascaris can get a debilitating disease. 

Let a NJ, NYC wildlife control professional take care of your raccoon and other wildlife problems.

This Joint Is Jumping…With Bed Bugs Part I Of II

A friend of mine recently encountered bed bugs while traveling.  They were in a swanky New York City hotel and not one that most people would expect to find bed bugs living in.  Bed bugs are non discriminating creatures and they love all hotels.   She did not know to check for bed bug infestations once she arrived in her hotel room.

Her first night’s slumber was seemingly uneventful until the next morning when she woke up with red itchy spots.  Not being well versed in bed bug lingo, she thought that she was having a reaction to the laundry soap used on the linens.  The second night she was restless and suddenly awoke.  She turned on the light and to her disgust she discovered many bed bugs crawling around the bed and feasting on her legs.

Because bed bugs are on the rise around the world, travelers should take special precautions to ensure that they avoid bed bugs and most importantly do not bring any home with them to perpetuate the infestation problems.  Here are some hotel traveling tips that everyone should follow.

Firstly, before you travel you can find many reviews on the internet about hotels.  Guests who have encountered bed bugs frequently report problems on these websites.  Once you check into your hotel, never put your luggage on the floor, in drawers, or in the closet until you have thoroughly checked the room for bed bugs.  Most hotels have a luggage stand which is very useful during inspections.

Please check back on Thursday for the conclusion to this post.

NJ, NYC Bed Bugs – Have They Invaded the Schools?

NJ and NYC bed bugs might be listening to math and science lessons in NJ and NYC schools. In Waterbury Connecticut, school officials sent a letter to all the parents who have children at a particular elementary school. No, the letters were not sent because all the kids are troublemakers. The topic was much worse; one of the children unintentionally brought bed bugs to school.

If bed bugs are being brought to class in Waterbury Connecticut they’re probably being taken to school in NJ and NYC. Apartment buildings and hotels are constantly being checked for bed bugs and perhaps schools should be routinely checked for bed bugs hiding in the cracks and crevices of schools. Bed bugs are probably crawling onto the other kids at schools and going home with them. I hope parents don’t bring lawsuits against schools for infesting their children with bed bugs. 

If bed bugs have been noticed on children  by teachers or other children it’s important to be very discreet. Being known a a bed bug person could harm a child’s reputation, cause him to be isolated at school and prevent him from being invited to the homes of other children.

Call a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional to eliminate the critters.