NJ, NYC Raccoons Catching the Flu?

Perhaps some of the NJ and NYC raccoons living in sewer systems and other hiding places might be dealing with the flu while going through garbage cans. By experiments scientists have discovered that raccoons can actually get the flu. They can spread human types of influenza but probably not to people they encounter. 

One of the major concerns of scientists studying raccoons is that they can become infected with bird and human type flu viruses. In theory, they could have bird and a human flu virus at the same time which could create a new type of virus that is new to humans and could create a widespread disease or perhaps a pandemic.

These are scientific theories but raccoons have been living with humans for a long time in cities all over the country and so far it doesn’t seem that a powerful raccoon hybrid virus has been created.  If someone wants to sell you a pill For $300 to prevent a hybrid raccoon virus  from evaporating  your skin I suggest  it’s probably prudent not to acquire the pill.

If you are having problems with raccoons or other types of wildlife call a NJ, NYC wildlife control professional.