Birth Control for NJ and NYC Squirrels?

Birth control for NJ and NYC squirrels would be great news for some  NJ and NYC residents. They can be a nuisance and some areas are just overcrowded with squirrels. The University of California-Davis wildlife faculty are going to offer, well perhaps give, birth control to the squirrels frolicking on campus. They estimate the squirrel population has grown by more than 400 during the last seven years. How do they know that?

The squirrels will be captured and given hormones which will stop them from reproducing. No news regarding if some squirrel loving organization will be protesting the critters getting birth control without the squirrels giving their consent. 

I once read that a male squirrel with amorous feelings will chase a female squirrel for five days.  The article didn’t mention if a person actually followed the pair 24 hours a day for five days (perhaps a team of people) or a collection of video cameras were utilized.  It seems to be an odd study but perhaps somebody got bored and wanted something to do.

Call a NJ, NYC wild animal control professional for squirrels and other wildlife problems.