NYC Bans Consumers Use of Bug Bombs

NYC residents can no longer use bug bombs or foggers to eliminate insects or anything else. They have been banned by the state of New York. The banning occurred due to a report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention organization. The report claimed that from 2001-2006 there were 123 injury cases in New York due to bug bombs.

You now have to be a certified pesticide applicator to use a bug bomb. Since they probably won’t set one off for free bug bomb use now has an expensive price tag. For those who set them off simply to annoy their spouse this  strategy will now involve a suspicious certified pest applicator.

The majority of the cases required no medical treatment. I am not aware of any NYC residents limbs being blown off or even an improperly placed hair piece flying off. Burning eyes, coughing and headaches were reported.

For those who have NYC bed bugs the bug foggers simply don’t work so don’t think your being deprived of a simple procedure for destroying the annoying critters. You might want to consider professionally applied Cryonite to eliminate NYC bed bugs. The product works by freezing them to death.