The Wasps Are Coming! Part I Of II

carpenter-bee-1Spring is here and along with the flowers, beautiful warm weather and pollen; come small creatures that have people big and small running for cover.  Wasps are common pesky critters that certainly warrant attention.

There are four common types of wasps that can be found in the average yard.  Some are docile creature and others are more aggressive ones that you should avoid.  It should also be noted the Carpet Beetles, which are hard to control, tend to gather where wasp nests form, so it is a good idea to get rid of wasps as soon as you can. 

Often time’s homeowners will see a wasp nest being built up under eaves, porches, deck railing, and even playground equipment.  These wasps are not usually aggressive unless you try to disturb their nests.  The nests are built by the females from a blend of saliva and wood.  These wasps are considered good to have around because they do eat insects that cause damage to plants, but bad because nobody wants to experience their sting.  These types of wasps are called Paper Wasps.

The Solitary Wasp is the one that usually hangs out alone.  They zip by you in your yard and don’t pay much mind to humans.  They have a long and thin body with minimal color.  Since they travel alone, they are not territorial or aggressive in most cases.  They mostly dine on garden pests like beetles and aphids.

Please check back on Tuesday for more wasp information.

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