NightWatch Bed Bugs Monitoring Device has Arrived


NightWatch is finally available for sale. What is NightWatch? It’s a state-of-the-art bed bug trap and monitoring device. How does it work? It entices bed bugs by pretending to be a human. It utilizes a combination of CO2, heat and a patented lure which mimics the natural pheromones that attract bed bugs. NightWatch essentially mimics the chemicals patterns of a sleeping human. When the bed bugs show up they become trapped and die.

For some NightWatch may be a little expensive for home use, however it’s a great device for people that can afford it and especially helpful for hotels and commercial enterprises including, movie theaters, office buildings, apartment buildings, corporations, used furniture stores, hospitals, retail stores, restaurants etc.

Some of the highlights: NightWatch entices the bed bugs to the device; your guest will not have to go to bed knowing they’re bed bug bait; hotels will know for sure if they have bed bugs without having to wait for them to attack human guests (avoid lawsuits and grumpy guests); monitor for bed bugs after pest control treatments to make sure the treatments were effective; monitoring allows for quick treatments and thus avoiding bed bug lawsuits. The price of the device is small compared to the price of lawsuits, bad publicity and a large decrease in business. NightWatch has arrived, buy it now in our online store.

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