Banish Summer Party Crashers: Yellow Jackets

It’s too late. Too late in the season that is, for DIY yellow jacket traps. Those need to be set out in the spring so you catch the queen before she goes into major reproductive mode.

Not that those dangling plastic traps won’t fill up with yellow jackets. They will. But you won’t get them all.  Not by a long shot. Not now.

Just try having a backyard barbecue. Or a child’s birthday party with cake and ice cream. Yellow jackets love meat and they love sweets.  As soon as everyone is seated and the food is served, your guests and family will begin to grab their plates and dash inside away from the yellow jackets who will have started dive-bombing into the vittles.  So much for all the landscaping and care you gave your yard. What was the point if no one can really enjoy it because of those aggressive stinging insects?

A family in Maywood even bought a large screen-sided tent for their yard to keep yellow jackets away from their summer al fresco dinners. But then their curious cat jumped onto the tent from their roof and shredded it with his claws as he slid down.

Now they just call an expert NJ, NYC pest control company to banish the yellow jackets. You can do the same.  Then you can truly savor summer outdoors.

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