Judge Makes Common Sense Ruling on Bed Bugs Case

Residents and retailers of NJ and NYC and elsewhere, may be interested to know that according to the Boston Herald a federal judge cleared Bob’s Discount Furniture of any negligence in a lawsuit brought by a family who claimed the furniture store was responsible for bringing a bed bugs infestation to their home. This should indicate to residents of NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and even Manhattan that it can be difficult to prove to a judge where a bed bug infestation actually came from.

The plaintiffs claimed a white maple bedroom set they purchased from Bob’s Discount Furniture came to their home infested with bed bugs. The plaintiffs claimed the family had to sleep on the kitchen floor. It seems that bed bugs can find people sleeping on kitchen floors and not just find their victims in beds.

The judge determined that strong evidence was not provided which indicated the bed bugs came in the frame instead of finding their way into the frame from another source in the house. That makes sense. This might be an important case for retailers in NJ, NYC and other parts of the country.

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Signs that Cockroaches are in Your Home

Cockroaches usually do not show up during the day because they are nocturnal insects. Since they are rarely seen, you may not be aware that your home is infested with cockroaches, even if it is. If you happen to see cockroaches during the day, it is likely that your home is already heavily infested.

It is important to detect the presence of cockroaches in your home as soon as possible. Cockroaches usually hide in dark places during the day, behind sinks, stoves, refrigerators, and washing machines, as well as in narrow cracks in the walls or underneath mats or furniture. They always try to avoid well-lit areas in the house, and they are rather difficult to spot.

However, cockroaches do leave some marks around the house when they come out at night. Fecal marks are one of the sure signs that your house is infested with cockroaches. The droppings of adult cockroaches are cylindrical in shape, while young cockroaches leave feces that look like black powder. You can judge the level of cockroach infestation in your home by the amount of droppings you find.

Some cockroaches also emit a musty and oily smell, which will become stronger as the infestation becomes more severe. Another sign that shows that cockroaches are present in your home is cockroach egg cases. These cases are oval-shaped, and they can be found in hidden places such as gaps between books or behind furniture.

Bed Bug Lawsuits very Bad for Motels and Hotels

Long term residents of a motel situated in Staten Island have filed a lawsuit against the motel owner. They claim they have been attacked by bed bugs and are asking for unspecified monetary damages. Bed bug lawsuits are becoming more common.

The owner of the motel claims that any bed bugs in the motel were brought there by the residents themselves. Since bed bugs can’t talk they make terrible witnesses and thus it’s very difficult to determine who brought the little critters to the motel. The owner also stated that they spray the rooms every day. He didn’t mention if professionals were spraying the rooms or if amateurs using standard bug spray were providing the treatments. Bug sprays don’t kill the annoying bed bugs.

NJ and NYC hotel and motel owners used to be concerned about cockroaches, spiders and perhaps some mice. I’m not sure they are concerned about getting slapped with a cockroach lawsuit but bed bugs lawsuits can be expensive and bad for public relations. It’s not easy being a NJ or NYC hotel or motel owner.

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Squirrel Population Booms in 2009

The population of squirrels in New York and New Jersey has been increasing this year because of the warm weather. Furthermore, the effects of El Nino-La Nina in the northeast will reduce the amount of snowfall during the winter months. The warmer conditions will bring about a drastic increase in the population of squirrels. In fact, many local residents have reported that more squirrels are showing up around their homes.

The most common type of squirrel that is found in New York and New Jersey is the grey squirrel. While most ground squirrels hibernate during the winter months, grey squirrels remain active. These squirrels usually dwell in trees, but they will move to warmer places during winter. Homes and buildings that leak heat will be the prime targets for these animals.

Squirrels are intelligent animals, and they will work on any possibility to get into a home. If there is a damaged trim around the house that reveals a small opening, they will make a hole that is big enough for them to get through. They can also get into a house through an exposed soffit. Once they get inside the house, they can cause a lot of problems, and it is difficult to get rid of them.

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Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs are Amazing!

Heidi the bed bug sniffing Beagle is the only official bed bug dog living in Philadelphia. She is currently the only dog that has been certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association living in the city of Philadelphia. Well, if she worked in NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens or the Bronx that wouldn’t be the case. Stern Environmental also uses dogs certified by the highly regarded National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association.

The owner of Heidi stated that “Heidi is the most invaluable tool I’ve purchased for my business since I started (the business). She is that effective.” Well, the gang at Stern Environmental are also very proud of the their bed bug sniffing canines. These canines only take a few minutes to inspect a room in NJ and NYC for bed bugs. After they find the critters they slap them to death with their tales. Nah, they let the humans at Stern Environmental destroy the awful insects.

According to the University of Florida-Gainesville, properly trained bed bug sniffing dogs have been shown to have a 98% success rate at finding the odious insects with their noses. If your looking for a bed bug sniffing dog in NJ and NYC it’s a good idea to find one that has been certified by the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association.