Why you Should Immediately Get Bed Bug Help

Residents of NJ and NYC that have been attacked by bed bugs should call a NJ, NYC pest control company immediately. The horrible blood sucking little insects can live a year or more and the females can lay about 500 eggs. Yes, those female babies grow up and lay 500 eggs each and if you do some calculations on your abacus soon you will be shouting “Oh the horror! The horror!”  The brazen bed bugs enjoy a human blood meal about once a week but when the population expands that means the human residents serve up a lot of blood meals. Those blood meals last for about three to five minutes. They proceed to defecate some of the blood and then shed their skins. No, it’s not some goofy insect ritual. Don’t try killing them with bug spray. It won’t destroy them but it will cause them to move to other hiding places in your house which will make it more difficult and expensive to get rid of the repulsive bed bugs.

If you have NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens or Manhattan bed bugs let a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert eliminate them for you.

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  • Tomorrow is the New Jersey bed bug symposium I'll be there with a few new bed bug products to learn, share, and help. #
  • In today's world of bed bugs you have to quarantine customer returns to keep them from infesting new products or your stock. #
  • Lebanon PA News has a great article on bed bugs we all need to be proactive to prevent the spread find out more http://bit.ly/ysQMf #
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  • Today is the bed bug symposium in NJ there's another on the 27th in Seattle. Look for me in NJ today. #
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  • What do you think is worse when it comes to bed bugs, the treatment, cleanup, fear of having them come back, knowing they are eating on you? #
  • Bed bugs dogs are less effective than bed bug monitors especially NightWatch use for 14 days for a 99% effective rate in identifying bugs #
  • We really like NightWatch and consider it a game changer in the fight against bed bugs http://ow.ly/lfCM better then a bed bug dog! #
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  • With bed bugs now you have to check out any bites you get at night – mosquitoe, tick, bed bugs hmm what is it? #
  • If you travel a lot you really need to have luggage spray and Packtite to keep from infesting your home on return. http://bit.ly/15pmOO #
  • Bed bugs are a global problem in Ethiopia infestations are up 71% over last year http://bit.ly/hFPO2 #
  • The stigma of a bed bug infestation no one wants to invite you over or play with your children as they could get them! #
  • Did you know that bed bugs typically bite between 3:00 to 5:00 AM with most munching activity typically before dawn. #
  • We're hearing about bed bug problems in NY, NJ, OH, MN, NV, FL, MO, VA, MI, IN, KY. What states would you add to this list? #
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  • Light bed bug infestations are usually just on the bed and easy to treat, heavy have to treat closet and other areas more time and $ #
  • Mary Louise Parker may have bed bugs in her apartment she has recently had a bed bug dog. Video of her experience http://bit.ly/3QEUXh #
  • Could the bed bug dog sit just because he's tired not that he #
  • Could the bed bug dog just be sitting because he's tired and not that he's found bed bugs? Mary Louise Parker on her experience #
  • Great info learned at the bed bug symposium on the 25th in NJ. Couldn't believe hotel security terrible part of town. #
  • Any apartment complex should have passive bed bug monitors in place to catch bed bugs early Climb Up is a good one: http://bit.ly/AlHJv #
  • Waiting untill a resident reports bed bugs means that you have a larger treatment issue than treating if you have early detection monitors #
  • When you have bed bugs behind a headboard in a hotel 70% of the time the room on the other side of the wall has bed bugs too. #
  • Mary Louise Parker talks about her bed bug dog experience on the Late Night Show – video. http://bit.ly/3QEUXh She's funny may have bed bugs #
  • Hotels and apartments can't just treat the room that has bed bugs must treat on sides and above and below to solve the problem. #
  • Dr. Potter bed bug expert says apt and coops without proactive bed bug treatment are dead in the water. I say just waiting for a problem. #
  • RT @spacks: I dont have any. ive noticed, however, that bd bug bites R harder/redder & more spherical. Mosq. is more convex & pink. #
  • Ready for another great day, seems like we are getting more and more calls part due to referrals and sadly part due to more infestations #
  • Just the Thought of Bed Bugs can be Intimidating: Many NJ and NYC residents are fully aware that the horrible li.. http://bit.ly/18Nug5 #
  • Just sold 13 NightWatch bed bug monitors to owner of dormitory recommended monitoring laundry room too and rooms on sides of infested ones. #
  • With NightWatch you really have to monitor for 12 full days to certify that a room is bed bug free. The peace of mind for renters is huge #
  • When you use or rent out Packtite, you can then sanitize the cover of the unit by putting it in another unit before renting it again. #
  • You can kill bed bug eggs by putting clothing or items in the dryer on high heat for at a minimum of 20 minutes. Need to be over 120 degrees #
  • Did you know that you can get a 2 pill treatment for Lyme disease within 48 hours of being bitten by a tick? I did #
  • WEB EXCLUSIVE: When Bed Bugs Check In, Guests Check Out – My article! Made it on the webshite home page as a feature http://bit.ly/L3UEo #
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Just the Thought of Bed Bugs can be Intimidating

Many NJ and NYC residents are fully aware that the horrible little insects known as bed bugs can ruin a pleasant vacation. Tourists can be staying at a beautiful island resort but if they even hear that just one resort guest has encountered bed bugs in their room the pleasant fun filled days can become days of fretting about being attacked by bed bugs and filled with concern that the horrible bed bugs will find a way to enter their hotel room and their NJ or NYC home.

Vacationers often stop thinking about the lovely buffet dinners, the frosty tropical drinks and the beautiful ocean waters. They have bed bugs on their minds. If a resort or hotel guest reports a bed bug infestation people are wondering if they will be unlucky and have a nearby adjoining room and will wake up with itchy welts. Bed bugs can take the pleasure out a person’s vacation without even biting the vacationer. Oh my.

If you have NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens or Manhattan bed bugs let a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional get rid of them.

Raccoon Disease Strikes Baby and Teen in Brooklyn

An infant and a teen in Brooklyn were infected by a deadly and rare disease called raccoon roundworm. The cause of this disease is contact with the feces of raccoon, and it can result in perennial nerve damage and death. There are less than 30 cases of this disease in the entire US, and the symptoms usually show in about two to four weeks after contraction. The symptoms include loss of muscle control and coordination, nausea, and blindness.

The Brooklyn infant who contracted raccoon roundworm started experiencing spinal problems and seizures in October last year. Later on, the baby was hospitalized because of brain damage. In January this year, a teenager in Brooklyn was infected with the disease and became blind in the right eye. It is known that children who have developmental problems are more susceptible to the disease.

Sally Slavinski, a representative from a department of health that is concerned with the transmission of diseases from animals to human beings, advised parents to keep watch on their children when they are in places that have a raccoon population, so as to prevent contact with raccoon feces.

If you need to get rid of raccoons around your home, you can contact pest control experts in NY, NYC, and NJ.

Best Choice: Human Bed Bug Bait or the NightWatch?

A bed bug article in the New York Times mentions the NightWatch bed bug detection device. The device mimics a human and entices the bed bugs to it from 90 feet away. Not only do you avoid getting bitten but you have proof that bed bugs actually exist in your home and therefore you have a good reason to call a pest exterminator.  It’s recommended the device be placed where you sleep.

The New York Time bed bug article had a shocking bit of information. What am I referring to? Some people have been hiring a human being to sleep in their apartment to see if they get bitten by bed bugs! Perhaps two years of experience is required. No mention if you get a million dollars or just a firm handshake and a Martini.

Since some people don’t show a skin reaction to bed bug bites perhaps the prospective employees must prove they do indeed get horrible itchy welts before they are hired. If the temporary employee gets bed bug bites I suppose the apartment owner can recommend him to another apartment owner with some high praise. Oh my. Perhaps purchasing a NightWatch bed bug detection device is the more rational choice.