Biopesticides Increasing in Popularity

Natural pest killing products are becoming more popular with residents in NJ, NYC and all over the nation. Yes they are lethal, for example a soil-dwelling bacterium can fry the nervous systems of fire-ants. Popular insecticide manufactures are producing these products and they can be found at popular retail stores.

The products are made from materials such as plants, bacteria, animals and minerals. The popularity of these products has been powered by the governments scrutiny of pesticides for households use and the desire of consumers to use safer pesticides.

Yes, residents of NJ, NYC, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and perhaps Brooklyn can now kill carpenter ants, mosquitoes, slugs and other unwanted critters with natural products. The EPA has stated that biopesticides are typically “inherently less toxic” when compared to standard pesticides. They also decompose faster and thus less harmful to the environment.

Unfortunately, I have not seen a natural product that is highly effective at killing bedbugs. Sure, you could smash them with a zucchini but it get tiresome and it might look silly.

If you have NJ, NYC, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan or Brooklyn bed bugs ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control professional to destroy them.