Mom Sues Bronx Landlord after Daughter Bitten by Rats

A woman living in a Bronx apartment filed suit against her landlord after her two-year-old daughter was bitten by rats. Rats had been terrorizing her household for some time, and she blamed the landlord for his negligence in failing to protect tenants from rat attacks.

Jonnique McKinney has been staying in the Clay Avenue apartment in Bronx since July, 2007. She said that she had notified the landlord about rat problems shortly after she moved in. In response to her complaints, the landlord hired an exterminator, who filled the radiator with steel wool to keep rats at bay. However, this did not prevent rats from entering her apartment, and they attacked McKinney’s daughter on the 3rd of July, 2008.

Little Jonaih was sleeping in her crib when the incident happened. She woke up suddenly and screamed when she saw a few rats feasting on her legs. Her mother took her to the hospital, and doctors confirmed that there were five rat bites on her legs.

McKinney filed a case last year against Claremont Park LLC, the owner of the property, and the incident became known after Claremont filed a third-party lawsuit against the extermination company, Dependable Exterminating.

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