Manhattan Courthouse Invaded by Bed Bugs

The Appellate Division courthouse on Madison Avenue in Manhattan has been invaded by the obnoxious bed bugs. Even the lawyers at the law firm Dewy, Cheatam and Howe couldn’t convince the odious insects to leave the courthouse. Allie Mony and Sue Peena tried to entice them out of the little courthouse with tomato juice but the critters were not fooled. Seriously, the critters were found by a bed bug sniffing dog and the Manhattan building was treated by professional pest exterminators.

The NYC infestation reportedly only took place on the second-floor clerks office which is often visited by lawyers. Will the courthouse be sued by itchy attorneys with skin welts? Perhaps not but it would make for an entertaining court case. How about a scenario where a NYC lawyer unknowingly takes home some bed bugs from the courthouse in his briefcase and they spread all over his apartment building. One day he notices bed bug bites all over his body and sues the apartment owner in a Manhattan courthouse. Oh my. 

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