The Truth About Squirrels

Squirrels are often depicted as adorable little animals in cartoons and greeting cards, and they are one of those animals that seldom fail to get kids excited when they are sighted. But the truth is, they are not exactly cute and harmless in real life, especially if they manage to get into your home.

Squirrels are actually rodents, which make them a relative of the rat, and they carry the same kinds of diseases as rats. The only difference is that squirrels have fuzzy tails that make them look less disgusting. Their teeth are constantly growing, and they need to find things to chew all the time, which may include pipes, metals, and wires. The danger occurs when they start chewing on electric lines, and this can result in a blackout or set the house on fire. Squirrels can also create a big mess around your home when they carry out their scavenging activities. They will look for food in your garage, trash cans, and garden, and they can mess up your place and cause all sorts of damage.

It is important to get rid of squirrels in your home as soon as possible, because it is more difficult to remove them after they have been there for an extended period of time.