Bed Bugs Thriving in Unusual Places

The New Yorker recently had an article about a collection of books being infested by bed bugs. Yes indeed bed bugs will hide just about anywhere they can slide into. Bed bugs have been found in cell phones, computers, grout, cracks in wooden floors and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re lurking in a bassoon somewhere in New York City. People living in NJ and NYC have been tossing out all kinds of items they believe are infested with bed bugs.

The obnoxious insects hang out in more places than beds which makes it very difficult for humans to find them. NJ, NYC residents might think modern technology is the best approach to finding the critters. However, studies have shown that bed bug sniffing dogs are by far the best bed bug detectives on the planet. Beagles and other properly trained types of dogs are in high demand all over the country. You may not be able to find a NJ or NYC bed bug in your computer but a bed bug sniffing beagle can probably find them.

If you have NJ, NYC, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens or Brooklyn bed bugs ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert to destroy the insects.