Bed Bug Infested Furniture for Free

It’s that time of year when NJ and NYC college students are going back to school. Landlords in college towns hope they don’t bring bed bug infested used furniture with them. A few times each year numerous colleges all over the country have used furniture situated on nearby sidewalks and lawns. It used to be a convenient way for students to grab some free couches. However, with the bed bug problem that NJ, NYC and the rest of the nation is dealing with it’s best to leave those used furniture pieces alone. A college student trying to save some money can cause an apartment building owner to pay for some very expensive bed bug treatments for a large number of apartment units. Also the neighbors won’t be too pleased when they wake up with bed bug bites all over themselves and find the obnoxious insects crawling inside their laptop computers. If someone is offering free gold coins, fine take a few but college students should refrain from picking up discarded furniture. If you have NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or Manhattan bed bugs ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert to destroy them.

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  1. Good reccomendation, leave furniture alone unless you know where it has been if not you May end up Calling Jp Mchale, at least for those of you out in New York

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