Reducing the Population of Feral Cats in NYC

While feral cats can be valuable to neighborhoods in New York City, they can be a public nuisance as well. They can help to reduce the rat problem that is causing great concern for New Yorkers, but they are known to make a lot of noise when they are fighting and mating, which can make people lose sleep and peace of mind. Also, some feral cats carry rabies as well as parasites that can cause various health problems.

Feral cats live in colonies. They can reproduce rapidly and create lots of problems in the neighborhoods. The Feral Cat Initiative has been established to manage the feral cat problems in NYC in a humane way. Teams are sent to various neighborhoods to catch feral cats and send them to centers where they will be vaccinated and neutered or spayed. Then, they will be returned to their colonies. This will control the population of feral cats as well as the spread of rabies, and it will make the neighborhoods quieter too.