Outstanding Bed Bug Detectors

The newest national statistics show a 71% increase in the horrible little insects known as bed bugs. The increase in infestations has led to the newest and best form of bed bug detection; bed bug¬†detection dogs. They’re hired to sniff hotels, apartment buildings, homes, stores and even camps for children. Dogs have an estimated 200 million scent sensors that allow them to find things with their nose that humans can’t find.

The owner of the bed bug sniffing beagles Tracer and Badger claims the dogs have a 95% accuracy rate. These pooches work in Massachusetts. It’s important to find all the little bed bugs in a NJ, NYC residence because they can go without a blood meal for over a year by going dormant. Properly trained bed bug sniffing dogs such as the canines used by Stern Environmental are very good at finding the sleeping critters.

If you have NJ, NYC, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan or the Bronx bed bugs ask a NJ, NYC bed bugs pest control expert to destroy the insects.