Giant Bed Bug Ovens are Here! Bed Bugs Beware!

Bed bug infestations have become serious, expensive problems for cruise ships, hotels, homeless shelters and other environments. Maxisoft Inc. has come to the rescue with the innovative Bed Bug Oven. The standard unit is about the size of a closet but the Bed Bug Oven can be made to just about any size that is required. The device will cook and destroy bed bugs in just about all types of items. This is a heavy-duty bed bug destroying device.

The Bed Bug Oven can destroy bed bugs that are hiding in blankets, pillows, comforters and can do it in bulk. Owners of the device can eliminate bed bugs and also avoid the continual throwing out of expensive bedding and other things.

Hotels and cruise ships with a lot of rooms can save a bundle by saving their room items that have been infested by the odious bed bugs. Maxisoft’s Bed Bug Oven allows owners of hotels, motels, cruise ships and owners of other businesses to successfully fight back against expensive bed bug infestations.