New Research Finding to Aid Elimination of Termites

It is estimated that termites cause about $30 billion worth of damage around the world every year, not including the amount of money that is spent on pesticides to eliminate them. Most of the termite removal techniques that are being practiced today involve the use of toxic chemicals, which can be detrimental to other animals as well as human beings.

Mark Bulmer, a termite expert from Towson University, discovered a way to kill termites in a more affordable and non-toxic way. According to him, termites have a natural protection against a type of fungus that is deadly to them, but that natural resistance can be undermined by a small sugar known as Glucono delta-lactone (GDL). This sugar will prevent certain enzymes in termites from causing damage to the fungal cell wall in their bodies, and this will make them more susceptible to fungal pathogens.

GDL is not harmful to humans, and it can be found in honey and wine. It can be used in combination with the fungus as food bait for termites, and it will kill them before they start to cause damage.