A Very Goofy Bed Bug Policy

NJ and NYC residents may be intrigued and baffled by what’s going on in Florida when it comes to bed bugs. A vacationer woke up in his Florida hotel with bed bug bites and complained about the bed bugs attack to Florida regulators. At the time the regulators were working under a goofy policy. The silly rules stated that hotel inspectors working for the Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s Division of Hotels and Restaurant’s were not allowed to enter a room that is suspected of having bed bugs! It’s true! It’s true! Stop laughing! They were concerned the bed bugs might jump on the inspectors and the inspectors would accidentally spread them all over the place.

Also, the inspectors couldn’t cite a hotel for a bed bugs infestation because state law says they need to actually observe the violation. Some people took some silly pills. Well, fortunately they recently changes the rules.

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