Facts about Opossums

Opossums, also called “possums”, are the only marsupials that are native to North America, and they are close relatives of the koala and kangaroo. The shape of their bodies, their light gray fur, and long naked tails make them look like rats, but they are much larger in size, with adults measuring 33 inches long.

Opossums are nocturnal creatures, and they are rarely seen during daytime. They feed on all types of food, ranging from insects and small animals to fruits and vegetables. They are harmless animals that seldom attack human beings, but when they are provoked, they may use their sharp teeth to defend themselves. Opossums are known for their peculiar habit of playing dead when they are threatened, and they have prehensile tails that can be used to grab things.

Opossums are not destructive animals; they do not dig soil or cause damage to buildings, but they can be a nuisance when they decide to reside in homes or other buildings. Although they are rarely infected with rabies, they do carry fleas and ticks that can cause health problems.

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