Bed Bug Monitoring Device Praised by Experts

The latest in bed bug technology the NightWatch bed bug monitoring device is receiving high praise. The New York Times Sunday Real Estate section from August included comments from John Furman of Boot-a-Pest. Her praised the NightWatch for being effective at detecting bed bugs and for providing evidence to the residents that the eradication process has been completed.

W. Jay Nixon, MS, BCE, Board Certified Entomologist, of Pest Management in Washington DC and his operations manager are utilizing the bed bug monitoring device NightWatch in an NIH residential facility for children with cancer.

NightWatch is a trap and monitoring device that entices bed bugs to it by using heat, CO2 and a lure that mimics natural pheromones. The bed bugs believe it’s a human. The device traps the bed bugs so they won’t be able to attack people and very importantly it signals to people that bed bugs have invaded the residence.

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